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From 3D design to execution, we redesign and/or decorate so that you always have an image that reflects your company!

Illuminate your brand with an illuminated sign of the most varied types, such as Monobloc Letters, Light Boxes, Gantries and much more!

In order to protect the environment from sunlight, wind and rain, at Johnson, we can make the most suitable material according to your preference.

Projects created with a "Johnson touch", meaning a high level of excellence in creativity, innovation and modernization.

Place a billboard, advertising panel or sign in the size and location of your choice. Advertise and show up!

Complete uniform lines suitable for your company, to be personalized via embroidery, direct printing or stamping. As well as personalized gifts to reward your customers, such as pens, lighters, USB sticks and more.

Decorate your car however you want, whatever the car, tell us your idea and we at Johnson will create and execute it!

Neon is an illuminated sign whose popularity is marked by its distinctiveness and style. The majestic visuals it produces are the main reason for its demand due to its vibrant colors and effects. 

Build your Virtual Image

As well as 30 years' experience in creating physical brands, we also work on virtual images, such as website creation, social media management and traffic management in order to attract more customers.

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Johnson Reclamos Luminosos, with over 30 years' experience, provides corporate image and innovation services. We have innovated our concepts, we operate in different market segments, and we focus
on the quality of the materials, adjusted to the production processes in order to optimize the quality/price ratio.


Our aim is to achieve high-impact results for our clients, highlight their business and strengthen their relationships with the market.


We want to be recognized as the leading company in the field of corporate image creation in Portugal, and to be associated with products and services executed with agility, quality and innovation, without giving up the ethical values that permeate our history.


Satisfied customers; Committed and fulfilled employees; Quality; Entrepreneurship and innovation; Growth and profitability; Professional ethics.

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Sérgio Jorge
Sérgio Jorge
9. February, 2022.
Personalized service, excellent price and quality.
Mário Rui "Mário Rui P J M Lda" Marques
Mário Rui "Mário Rui P J M Lda" Marques
28. January 2022.
Super professionalism Ms Sue Fonseca I recommend
ChefHugoAlves Matos
ChefHugoAlves Matos
15. May, 2021.
Marco Baltazar
Marco Baltazar
6. May, 2021.
Good service. Original, quality products.
jose oliveira
jose oliveira
8. April, 2021.

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